Kids Fire Safety Tips

Some quick and easy fire safety tips to teach your Children! 

Why Kids Fire Safety Tips Matters?

Our Findings!


Each year, approximately 4,000 school fires have been reported by the United States Fire Service, resulting in approximately 75 injuries and $ 66.1 million in property losses.


According to a Study done by Stanford University, carelessness is the primary cause of the death and injury from fire in children under the age of 9. 


Children in homes without working smoke alarms are at greater risk of fire-related death and injury in the event of a fire. By 2004, the majority of homes (96 percent) in the United States had at least one smoke alarm. However, only three-quarters of all homes had at least one working smoke alarm.

3 Tips To Save Your Family From Fire

Check Smoke Detector

1. Make sure your home has a working smoke detector

2. Test your smoke detector every month. Put a reminder on your mobile, so that you won't forget.

3. Change the battery of Smoke detector every six months. 

Check Fire Extinguisher

1. Make sure your home has fire extinguishers at least in the garage and kitchen.

2. Check that the pressure gauge or indicator is within range or position and lift the fire extinguisher to make sure it is always full.

Check Water Sprinkler

1. You should check them weekly to make sure they are free from leaks, locked, tightly closed and in the open position. 

2. Do Annual Maintenance to make sure they are working perfectly whole year. 

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