*** Your Friends *** "Buzzy"the Smoke Detector "Reddy"the Fire Extinguisher "Squirt"the Water Drop and their Friends   Want to share some quick and easy "Safety Tips" that you and your family can do! Just look below!!!!   HI, I'm "BUZZY" the Smoke Detector   "Here are three easy tips for your home's Smoke Detectors!!!   1.Make sure your home has Smoke Detectors!   2.Test your Smoke Detectors once a month!   3.Change your Smoke Detector's Battery in the Fall and the Spring!" " Easy as 1, 2, 3!!! "     Fire Extinguishers GO EVERYWHERE!   Your Family's Kitchen; the Garage; the Car, Boat or Plane!!!!!   "Every Home Should Have One or More!!!"   HI !!!!!! I'm the New Kid on the Block! My Name is "SQUIRT"   REMEMBER,USE ME "TO COOL A BURN!" BedTime CheckList 1. BrushTeeth 2. Wash Hands "Close YourBedroom's Door At Night!"   Hi! I'm the"Flashlight Guy"! "Keep me by your bed and I will guide you through the night!"   "STOP"-Don't RUN! "DROP"-Lie on the GROUND!! & "ROLL"- Cover your EYES and FACE with your HANDS and "Roll","Roll" and "Roll Your Body!"     Cooking is Fun! Always tell Mom or Dad ! Wear Clothes with Short Sleeves!! and Always Have A Lid Ready to Cover Your Pots!!!   Remember, HELP is A Phone Call Away!    
Meet some of Buzzy's other Friends that Watch Out for YOU!
Hi! I'm "Beanie" the Safety Helmet Remember, to wear Me when you ride your Bike or Skate!!!   "We Always Want To Be Around You!" Buckle Up!!!   It's Simple! Before Crossing the Street, ***Look Both Ways!*** & Remember, if it has a Control Light ****ALWAYS**** "Wait 'til the Light is Right!"   Safety Wall Plugs THE "SHOCK" PREVENTERS!   Bath Time Tips 1. Always let Mom or Dad know you're going to take a Bath! 2. Check the Water's Temperature before You get in! 3. Bath Time can be fun, but never "Roughhouse" in the bathtub.   FIRST AID begins with You! Learn how to Help!

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